Working out at home

If you don’t have a baby
and a husband stopping you
multiple times
or have to work around
everyone’s sleep
or ‘not too’ loud schedule
I live in a basement
in a duplex
there’s no other place
I can go too
and be left the fuck alone
that’s why I have/had
GYM memberships but
they’re all CLOSED
everything is CLOSED
now we have all this
‘free time’ and we can’t
do much of anything
but go outside,
around the
governments schedule

What is free will?
I don’t know
as they’ve seen
numbers ‘social distancing’
isn’t stopping the numbers
they need to focus
more on a vaccine?
Or who knows
it could be a thing like
chickenpox we all need
to catch it to be immune

Thoughts working out

I’m too tired for this shit
I need more monsters and coffee to get me to wake the fuck up

Who am I going to kill later?
Fuck M*** I’d like to fuck him, not really. He’s fucking gross. I’d rather fuck B*** he’s more attractive.

Leaves me with the fucking kid later
Fuck him

Why does my shirt keep flying up?
Why does tying my shirt do nothing?
I picked the wrong shirt again.

I fucking hate high waisted leggings
why am I wearing them?
I’m too lazy to go through my closet

I’m going to feel this later.
Okay, now I’m getting tired.

I need a nap.
Fuck him. I’ll probably fuck him later.

My hair is in my face

I’m bored with my hair
maybe I’ll make it a reddish blonde
and regret it

Working out pregnant

People look at you
a lot more
like you’re getting fat
but you have a life
growing inside of you
you’re slower
you can’t do
what you used too
without feeling like
you’re going to throw up
or pull something
jump squats
50 burpees
50 sit ups
are not happening
you realize most of those
Instagram pictures
of pregnant women
lifting or running were staged

Things I love vs. Things I hate — about the Gym


The fact it’s a place to workout! It’s not my bedroom or basement…

Burning off energy. I’m way too energetic for my own good…

It keeps me in shape. Without it, I would be…

The machines. Are fun!

The people. Are workout-alcoholics too!

Like a second home. Everyone pretty much knows each other!



The fact sometimes I have to get up really early to go.

Some days my body just wants to sleep.

It’s expensive as hell!

Changing in front of people.

Drinking out of the water fountain.

Paying for a drink out of the vending machine.


What life would be like if I stopped working out

-I would weigh 300lbs.
— or starving myself/making myself vomit.


-Constantly be angry.
NO, I won’t “be calm” — you better not tell me too!


Spending spree? Getting drunk?


-Ball of emotions
I want to kill myself. No I don’t.
If I die, I won’t see him. I don’t want to see him.
He’s a fucking asshole. But, I miss him.
No I don’t. I love him.
Yeah, dead.
Fuck it all. I’m tired.
Shoot me. I could paint a picture. No I can’t, I suck.
I don’t know what to do.
I’m just going to eat ice cream and watch movies all day.