What’s his name

he’s tall
he’s jacked
he’s the only one
around here I had a
few conversations with
he knows my name
I don’t know his

maybe it’s
for the best
I know myself
too well
one thing will lead
to another
and that’s that
I have the tendency
not to get attached
but they do
I’m at my point in life
I don’t need that
it doesn’t mean
a thing

Who are THEY?

I can’t tell you who they are. I can’t tell you what they are doing. I don’t know. I can’t pass off my experiences with beings as coincidences anymore than I can say they are the works of evil. What I can tell you is things that happened to me after getting my hands on forbidden knowledge.

First off, I always had an interest in Ancient History and Spirituality. I have been looking up things on it since I was in eighth grade. When I was ‘starting over’ in my academic career, I took an online course in Archaeology. Like any other class, I had to buy a textbook. Nothing new there, expect the copyrights printed inside of it. I will be prosecuted and imprisoned if I shared any of the content in the text without permission. Okay, so what did I do? I found some pretty interesting stuff in it and shared it on my blog.

Later that night, something happened. I had a visit from a transparent figure in my room. It was gone in a flash. I had dreams that night of laying on a hospital bed with a machine over my head. I was surrounded by short gray figures. They looked at my memories and thinking process before they began to operate on my brain. The next day, I woke up with a headache, stiff neck, and sore throat — which turned out to be Bronchitis later.

Shortly after I was sick, something else happened. In the middle of the night I woke up to a short green figure with big black eyes standing across my room. He wanted me to ‘join’ something. I shouted, “Leave me the fuck alone,” and tossed my pillow across the room. I fell back asleep, and woke the next morning feeling like I loss a significant amount of time.

I had a stiff neck, sore throat, and pain in my gums. I went to the doctors, and he told me I had a mouth infection and an Upper Respiratory infection. A mouth infection? Seriously? How? I wasn’t exacting giving anyone head, drinking after strangers, or kissing scumbags. The doctor, himself, couldn’t explain it or cure it. He just told me to use salt water.

But at least, that was the last of my string of illnesses.