Well, anyway…

I’m wrapping up the editing to Crystal Madness 3. I’m hoping it’s all concluded so I don’t have to make another part.

For a LIMITED time you can see Crystal Madness free. The second part I’ll run another free promotion when I’m getting ready to launch the 3rd! It’a going to be up and done by the end of the weekend.

UPDATE: The promotion for part 2 is Saturday which means part 3 will be out tomorrow! I’m probably just as surprised about the ending as anyone, I didn’t plan it. Shit writes itself why does it even need me!?

And I guess,
I’m being just as aggravated and pissed off by this whole thing as everyone else. I have nothing to focus on more than my daughter right now. She’s crawling everywhere and standing by herself. She can say a few words and almost wave bye and say “Hi.”

Maybe my next one will be about this madness. Hmmmm. I’m sure if any of the conspiracies were true, they wouldn’t like it!

Crystal madness is

a metaphor
I didn’t really
go out with the mindset
to write about magical crystals

I went in with what would
the government, groups
of people do if they
got their hands on
something that can
manipulate your mind
and is worth a lot of money

Answer is easy
erase and alter memories
kill people
chase after them for it
it’s worth more than
anything you’ll see
in your lifetime

And so I thought
of an object
micro chips?
really no
probably a million
stories with them
how about a stone
a crystal?
nobody would suspect
them to have power
or magical properties

How about some
‘boring’ editor
and her husband
works for the
— perfect
they eventually
he did things
she didn’t know about
then she ends up
with the guy
that tried to kill her
in the beginning
his mind was
also altered by
‘mind control’
but she finds out
the truth

Crystal madness II

Trevor has lost his memory again. I brought back one their old enemies, ‘Steve’. He travels with Madison all over Mexico and the Middle East. Someone, not just anyone got their hands on the crystals — the government.

No series intended but this was my ‘most popular’ one and I left a cliffhanger with possibilities.

(Sorry if the last few pages and ending makes no sense, I did my final editing high. 🤪 I haven’t been since over a year ago. There will be a part 3 to wrap everything up. And I’m sure everyone is expecting her to make a choice in that one…)