She is

that woman
once, twice
a million times
but not for you

has her own schedule
and way of doing things
none include you
but she lets you think
what you want
she’s aware she flirts
and teases him
she does it for fun

Why fight the enemy
when the enemy wants
to sleep with you
and has information
you may or may not use
it’s only a matter of time
before he blows shit
up himself and you watch

She doesn’t care
enough to bother
I mean, she has a man
does it stop her from
looking and thinking
about others? No,
it’s in her nature not
to be tied down
who she does actually
play with she has to like
at least a bit
and have
physical attraction

What you mean respect?
she sounds like a whore
they say
she’s not but she can be
don’t shove her in a corner
and bore the shit
out of her

She loyal?
what did you do?
why should she be?
She knows what she
wants this ain’t it

She loves
she’s not in love
she has no intent
in ever falling
in love again
she’s fast
she can’t fall

What you do for…?


Punch shit and Netflix. 



Pretend to look extremely busy cleaning.



Not a damn thing usually.



Nothing on count of my mother is dead and we all live in different zip codes. 



Feed my caffeine addiction.



Not give them more fucked up offspring.



Acknowledge the stars and moon. 



Nothing but write the problems with it. 



Lie, cheat, run, and don’t find it worth fighting for.

Why I wouldn’t date my Self

Me: Stop eating so much, fatass.
Self: I only had one cookie today.

Me: You mean one less cookie. I saw you eat 11 out of 12.”
Self: So what.

Me: So what? You’re going to kill me.
Self: I didn’t do shit, I stole it from my mother.

Me: So you’re a fucking thief? Fucking loser.
Self: You’re fucked up get the fuck out of my face.

Me: Fuck you.
Self: I hope you fucking die, you fucking bitch. That’s what you are.

Me: If you don’t like me so much, leave!
Self: Good, I’m already cheating on you!

Me: With him again, REALLY? What about this morning and last night? That doesn’t count.
Self: You don’t have a dick.

Me: Fuck you.
Self: Fuck you too.