Crystal madness II

Trevor has lost his memory again. I brought back one their old enemies, ‘Steve’. He travels with Madison all over Mexico and the Middle East. Someone, not just anyone got their hands on the crystals — the government.

No series intended but this was my ‘most popular’ one and I left a cliffhanger with possibilities.

(Sorry if the last few pages and ending makes no sense, I did my final editing high. 🤪 I haven’t been since over a year ago. There will be a part 3 to wrap everything up. And I’m sure everyone is expecting her to make a choice in that one…)

Crystal madness

It’s based on my life.

(Because I had my mind erased, work at a big magazine, have a hot husband in the military, travel all over the place, and met a witch and pirates! Haha. Not.)

Okay, not really. Not at all.

I took a short story from college and twist and spun it to see if I had a story with it and I did.

It’s probably completely different from the content or context you saw from. But that’s the point, why am I going to continue to constantly produce the same thing?

Okay… the guy sounds like some guys I dated or hooked up with the way he talks. A psychologist would probably ask me about that. Sure, he sounds like a dick sometimes (like my husband) but he’s there on the roller coaster with Madison the entire time.

Girls during sex



I’m not that flexible.
I didn’t know I could bend that way.
Those are some hairy ass balls.
You should shave your balls.
Don’t put your balls in my face.
Baby, you don’t need to shave your face.
That’s the spot right there…
Oh now your dick is too soft.
Don’t ask me to suck it.
Okay, fine I will.
Now go down on me, damn it.
No that’s not what I meant.



I’m bored.
I’m tired.
I’m sore.
I’m hungry.
I’m thirsty.
Hurry up.
I want to eat.
I need a drink.
I have to piss.
I want to leave.
I want to sleep.



Thoughts of a hot man or woman.
They are in the bedroom.



Oh la la la la.