‘Hippie girl’ issues

She’s supposed to be in a ‘committed’ relationship but she wanders. She flirts with other people. She won’t necessarily sleep with them unless they get stuck in her brain. Should she have the opportunity? She probably would. Men love her. Women that know her business are either jealous or call her a whore behind her back. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t really believe in restrictions or negativity. If you want to do something, do it. You’re an adult. Why the fuck do people care what you do? They’re not doing anything. They’re not as careless and free as you. It’s not to say, she’s completely heartless and can’t love. She does. She’s passionate as hell. She has a hard time letting go, she lets things run it’s course. The problem is; sometimes she loves, likes, or desires more than one person at a time. That’d create conflict with the more ‘conventional’ people. She’s not an Aquarius sun, she’s a Scorpio sun with Aquarius moon and rising in the first house. She has more of a heart of an Aquarius than an Aquarius sun does.

I’m a Scorpio

I’m horny as hell
I’m ruled by my genitals
Mars and Pluto
— after all

If you don’t like sex
or suck in bed
you shouldn’t date me
I wouldn’t rape you
I wouldn’t waste my time
I’m sexy as hell

I’m not a whore

I’m not a sex addict
like they say
I am your whore
for more then one night
if you don’t know it
don’t worry, I’ll show it
I’m not all talk
I’m all action

Don’t cross me
I wouldn’t cross you
if you do you will meet
another side of me
you have never known
it’s called death
you don’t want to meet
my sister, “Karma.”
save your drama

Accept and appreciate
I’m fucking
passionate as hell
there is no other

Girls during sex



I’m not that flexible.
I didn’t know I could bend that way.
Those are some hairy ass balls.
You should shave your balls.
Don’t put your balls in my face.
Baby, you don’t need to shave your face.
That’s the spot right there…
Oh now your dick is too soft.
Don’t ask me to suck it.
Okay, fine I will.
Now go down on me, damn it.
No that’s not what I meant.



I’m bored.
I’m tired.
I’m sore.
I’m hungry.
I’m thirsty.
Hurry up.
I want to eat.
I need a drink.
I have to piss.
I want to leave.
I want to sleep.



Thoughts of a hot man or woman.
They are in the bedroom.



Oh la la la la.