So intriguing

I am, you watch me
do what? Post pictures and videos
of my daughter haha
like millions of other people

Why is that?
I don’t know
I don’t have the
slightest clue who
you are
don’t matter

it’s not like I’m
going to provide
my life story
and personal business
on my feed
that’s why I have novels
I hardly mention
among other things
I’m not a millennial
that enjoys ‘self-promoting’
I also never say where I work
why? I fucking hate it
and don’t want anyone showing up

So my daughter is cute
I’m a mother
should have followed me
years ago when I wasn’t
in this life
maybe I would have been
more fascinating
and less likely to swollen
my pride
haha, yeah right
I was never an open book
that’s what made me a ‘writer’

My Approach

If I want to say something stupid, I’ll say something stupid. If I want to bitch, I’ll bitch. If I want to be insightful, I’ll be insightful. If I want to be creative, I’ll be creative. Etc.


I don’t know who is watching or reading the stuff I put up. (I’m grateful for those that do.) I know WordPress isn’t my employer. If WordPress was, I would be fucked. I would have to constantly watch my language and content I put up. If that happened, I would be gone — that’s what I do in college.


Now let’s imagine if I had to watch everything I said on WordPress for a second…


How would I react?

I wouldn’t say anything…

Nobody goes on WordPress to repress. If that were the case, it’d be called WordRepress.