Thoughts on video services

You know there’s a thing you can pay YouTube to watch some movies and shows? I know nothing about it. I go on YouTube to watch people fuck up their face, rant, listen to music,
and do dumb shit I wouldn’t do in everyday life — for FREE.


You’re not only losing subscribers because you raised prices. You’re losing subscribers because your content sucks. Don’t get me wrong, SOME originals are good. Most of them are garbage. Most of the time when I go on my account I wonder ‘why am I still here?’ they don’t put any new movies or shows out I want to watch.


OKAY. Here we finally have some NEW content but limited selection unless I want to pay for an add-on and I don’t. If I’m that desperate to watch something, someone in the house still pays for cable or I could do a simple google search online and watch it somewhere else.


Amazon prime video
Why Amazon? Is it because you’re already the king on the internet and you thought you should have some sort of streaming service too? At least I have a last resort if I can’t find the movie or show I’m looking for. But I’m not a prime member and you should stop asking me to sign up for it every time I click on something on the website.

Why I am mentally challenged on the Internet

I don’t know my own password.

It is the same for half my accounts, I still don’t get it.


I don’t know the answers to my security questions.

I don’t know what city I was born in because I wrote, “daklhdfkdlsjfds,” in the box.


I get my email address wrong.

I have way too many. It shouldn’t surprise me they won’t accept


I post photos I don’t like.

Then delete them within five minutes or the next day. It looks stupid… what was I thinking?


I post status’ I don’t like.

Then delete them within a couple hours or the next day. It sounds stupid and I look stupid for saying it… I knew it but posted it anyways.


I watch the same video.

Over, over, over, and over again like I got some sick obsession with it or OCD. But it’s fun….


I deactivate my account to reactive it.

I don’t know, I got annoyed… but hey at least I can claim to be gone for a month so I look less insane.


I write a blog post and delete it.

It was stupid… or I did it by accident when I was trying to edit it. How do I manage that… need some psychologist/computer expert to explain.


Stuff I look up on Google…

What are the signs of a psychopath?… Why is my boyfriend not talking?… Why does having my nose pierced mean?… Who is stalking me on the internet?… What are the signs of a Bi-Polar?… What are signs he is cheating on you?… How many parts are in a paint? … Is my boyfriend a psychopath?… What is a sociopath? … How to tell if your boyfriend is a sociopath?


Those who

Spread bullshit

Rumors and lies.


Those who

Talk about a person or group behind their back.

No balls to talk to them face to face in person.


Those who

Can’t speak, think, or act for themselves.

Need the approval of others.


Those who

Purposely indirectly/directly offend us.

Try to play mind games.


Those who

Make assumptions.

Don’t care to listen to the person they are judging.


Those who

Are more in love with themselves.

Self-promotion comes first.


Those who

Make you feel you do not matter.

You are too different to be ‘one of them’.


Those who

Don’t care to look at their reflection.

And wonder why someone blowed them off.


Those who

Have no problem watching and stalking you online.

Secretly dislike you because what you did, do, didn’t, or don’t do.


Those who

Make comments about how you should change.

Ignore you because you won’t, then gossip behind your back.


Those who

Hate you because you don’t worship the ground they walk on.

Hate you because you think, act, and speak for yourself.


Those who

Think you’re just another idiot running your mouth.

Don’t realize they are the reason you are.


Those who

Take what you say or do out of context.

Never stopped to ask you what is going on.


Those who

Think it is acceptable to lie, cheat, and steal.

Think it is acceptable to break the law.


Those who

Think it is acceptable to cause someone pain.

Think it is acceptable to ignore everything.


Those who

Won’t admit when they are wrong.

Continue to pretend they are perfect.

Why I avoid you

Behind the doors I hear,

“She didn’t say goodbye when she leaved.”

Excuse me, when is the last time you talked to me?

Last I knew you were speaking of how stupid and bitchy I am and how annoying, rude, and an ass my boyfriend is — behind my back.

You come around here and you ask me if I want to go out and do thing with you — like we are close or something.

That’s funny, when is the last time we texted? Years ago. When is the last time we hung out when I felt you weren’t judging me or trying to start an argument.

The truth hurts. We may be blood but we have nothing in common. Unlike you, I won’t pretend or make an effort. Can’t help I have a low opinion after I witnessed all of this and you seeking attention on social media for years.

Now I sound like an ass just like you all wanted. I am the bad guy because I won’t pretend. So shoot me because you don’t have the balls to speak, think, and act yourself.

Truth about college.


The place you will be able to reinvent yourself, meet new friends, and develop a career path.



Reinvent yourself. No one knows who you are. Hell, you don’t even know who you are. You can pretty much say and do what you want until you start getting bored or seeing peoples true colors…

Meet new friends. More like pets you go places/do things with. Some people you stay in touch with after, some you don’t. Or you simply just do not care about making friends in the first place, and spend all your free time doing schoolwork, by schoolwork — procrastinating on the internet or doing god knows what.

Develop a career path. Go to school to learn a trade. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at it or will come out to anything. And it’s not just you, it’s all the other factors that come into play. But, it will give you some little extra money if you end up working at McDonalds the rest of your life.


Nobody tells you…

The amount of ridiculous people they meet. By ridiculous, I’m talking about how they act in real life AND on the internet. I can honestly, name only a few of my Facebook friends that are ‘normal’. By normal I mean, they are not narcissists. Majority of them act like they ‘like’ you in real life, or they ignore you online and in real life until you post some small accomplishment you did. It’s like — okay you did something cool, if you become famous or well off remember me after you leave. I think not… bitch. Needless to say, I also heard many people talk about other people behind their back like it’s high school.

Think college is awesome? It can be. Just remember, it’s more people in a madhouse acting like teenagers. And it’s not just the students, it’s also the professors. Even the professors gossip and talk about other professors and students.


Alright so — I post an obscene photo of myself on Facebook. (The end of my hair pink for a project I deleted.) I’m random, it’s who I am — what makes me special.


Oh now, I said special so that must mean I think I’m entitled to things without much effort. On top of being self-absorbing, narcissist, and attention-seeking.


Are you kidding me? A photo is a photo. If I go around posting obscene photos or running my mouth about my views, beliefs, and personal life — I got issues.


How about the stuff you put up? Those revealing selfies, status updates, come like-my page -check out my work status’ like you’re a celebrity.


You know what they say, what you do online is mirror. How you want to be seen, how you see yourself, or a reflection of how you see the world. If you want to go around pointing your finger at people, make sure your fingers are clean.


Mine aren’t clean — at least I admit it. Maybe next time you know, not to mess with me. Peace.

My Approach

If I want to say something stupid, I’ll say something stupid. If I want to bitch, I’ll bitch. If I want to be insightful, I’ll be insightful. If I want to be creative, I’ll be creative. Etc.


I don’t know who is watching or reading the stuff I put up. (I’m grateful for those that do.) I know WordPress isn’t my employer. If WordPress was, I would be fucked. I would have to constantly watch my language and content I put up. If that happened, I would be gone — that’s what I do in college.


Now let’s imagine if I had to watch everything I said on WordPress for a second…


How would I react?

I wouldn’t say anything…

Nobody goes on WordPress to repress. If that were the case, it’d be called WordRepress.