The mall was

the first one I went too as a kid
It had a ‘magic’ fountain back then

the place I went too as a teenager to get all my school clothes (they had stores back then)

where I met my future husband online from at dating website for the first time

my place of employment for three years

the place I was working at when my mother was diagnosed with cancer

where I got involved with someone I didn’t know was a satanist until he told me

where I was after I received a phone call she was dead, clocked in and out of work that day upset

where I my supervisor and I fell in love and had a fucked up relationship

the place I was working at when I was pregnant and had to leave when I was in labor

job I returned too after having a baby

job I worked with my sister and got to see here several days a week

also the job the owner tried to fuck me over numerous times and pocketed my PFL and I sued him

the place with a toxic environment and shitty new supervisor that also sexually assaulted with his girlfriend nearby

the place that wanted me back during this COVID shit part time (less money, less time with my daughter) and after everything, I didn’t see why I should it was a good place once years ago…

and so I left and got a new one

Working at a dying mall on Black Friday

… Or any Saturday in the year.

1. I work for THE MALL, not a company or a store.
2. It’s just as busy as a Saturday when there is an event going on — lots of foot traffic, not a lot of messes or spending going on.
3. But the tenants are equally annoying and expect you to drop everything to sweep up some dirt.
4. Yes, I work here — no I’m not walking around with a broom for my health!
5. No we’re not hiring! Unless you’re maintenance, we apparently like to hire idiot men that do nothing but sit back here all day. Don’t send a resume, you have to be related to/friends with someone that works here to get a job!
6. I don’t want to pick up your wrappers because you’re too LAZY to walk 2 inches to throw it in the trash!
7. Realize NOTHING here is on sale! They had the same 10% off for MONTHS!
8. That store hasn’t been here in over a decade.
9. No I don’t know nor care what each store sells.
10. No I don’t know where the store that left 5 months ago went nor care!
11. I don’t keep tabs on shit.
12. Someone broke into your car? What do you want me to do? I’m not security. Security is just as useless. Call the cops on your cell phone.