Him vs I with COVID

Disclaimer: Not meant to be ‘sexist’ but spoken how it was.

Gets every symptom in the book.

A minor cough and stuffy nose.

Spends all day and night in bed.

Takes care of the the baby 24/7.

Starts vomiting and gets himself admitted to a hospital for dehydration.

Continues to take care of the baby 24/7.

Comes home and continues to sleep whenever he wants.

Still hasn’t slept a full night since the day before Thanksgiving when my father was struck and killed by a car.

Has a serious attitude problem probably from being under ‘house arrest’ and takes it out on me.

Continues to take care of the baby. Has a headache. Still can’t sleep. Now I understand why some people get divorced after quarantine.

…Must be nice to get sleep whenever the hell you want and make your wife do everything because you can’t handle it (even before and you wonder why your daughter never cries for you). If I was that sick I’d still have to take care of her. Sorry but so many of you are dense and take people for granted. Or you’re fucking clueless with your health or actions and infect everyone around you. So, yeah I’m seriously considering never going back to a physical job if I have a choice.

New Year

I’ve missed it
after I had extreme sweat
and felt like I was going to have
a heart attack
I’ve lost my sense of time
I fell sick and couldn’t breath
stayed up all not coughing
or waking up the few hours
I slept to pee numerous times
I didn’t call off of work
I didn’t have anyone to cover me
I didn’t see a doctor
I couldn’t do high intensity workouts
I didn’t need a doctor to tell me
but he called them and they told him
if I did it could kill me and the baby
I had to moderate my temperature
if I got another 101 degrees
I had to go to the hospital
I carried on like normal
and lost my voice
some cop pulled me over
for ‘following someone too close’
he let me go with a warning
it was obvious
I wasn’t lying
he could tell by
listening and seeing me
I’m sick and probably stupid
for going to work

I did anyway
I put in for some time to use
the rest of my vacation days
my priorities are changing
I see less the point
in fighting and going to things
that don’t matter
or won’t lead anywhere
all I can say is
enjoy what you have now
whether it be a person or thing
someday it won’t be there
eventually time does run out
but how are you going to spend it?

When I’m sick

I’m an even bigger asshole
I don’t want to talk
everyone wants to
ask stupid questions
make small talk
like dude it’s obvious
by my facial expression
to leave me alone
but I have to put
on a face so I don’t
completely piss people off

I do things
I would normally do
I don’t make excuses
I don’t cry on social media
like some people do
hell, unless I tell someone
they don’t have a clue
I can’t wait to be home
lay in bed
not deal with
anyone’s bullshit

The Winter Illness

It’s not the cold, it’s not seasonal depression, it’s not anxiety. It is THE WINTER ILLNESS. Signs below…


You don’t want to go outside.

It is too cold.


You hate the snow.

You’re dreaming of the day it will melt away.


You go stir crazy.

Can’t leave your house, the weather sucks.


You are not mad, you are MAD.

… As the hatter.


You stare at screen, sleep, and eat.

You’re a troll in a cave.


You are dying of boredom.

Nothing to do. You’re trying to be productive…


Being productive hurts.

You rather go back to your troll cave.


If you do go outside…

You’re running a marathon to get back inside.



When the fuck is summer going to come?