Because I’m pregnant

I don’t get special treatment
no one holds the door open for me
people increasingly like to cut me off when I’m walking

People at work
still expect me to do everything
like I have been
I still got frowned upon my
nosey coworker when I take a break
though she takes multiple

People I’m associated with
through marriage more so expect me
to worship the ground they walk on
and kiss their ass
and talk shit about me when I’m
on the other corner of the room
or behind my back

Strangers say ‘congratulations’
as a way to greet me

People at the gym need to comment
on how impressed they are
I workout or point at my stomach
like they’re 4 years old and they
haven’t seen a pregnant chick before

Acquittances need to greet me
with how big I’m getting
like I don’t have eyes and an mirror

My husband is still my husband
and will fight with me regardless
I don’t have ESP

There’s not a day I’m not either
invisible, in the center of the floor, or someone’s target

And some of them want to see
pictures or the baby
and I’m thinking, you know
pregnancy hasn’t affected my memory
or ability to put
one and two together
y’all treat me
like shit or talk shit about me behind my back
and you think for a second or two
you try to kiss my ass,
it’ll change anything?
I might be blonde but
I’m not a fucking idiot

All this time I have kept to myself
kept my I don’t give a fuck persona
and dealt with you crazy people
treat others how
you want to be treated
they say
if you were pregnant,
would you want to deal with this?
I’m glad (not really) I’m bringing a child in this world
full of hypocrites but
she’ll know the truth


Alright so — I post an obscene photo of myself on Facebook. (The end of my hair pink for a project I deleted.) I’m random, it’s who I am — what makes me special.


Oh now, I said special so that must mean I think I’m entitled to things without much effort. On top of being self-absorbing, narcissist, and attention-seeking.


Are you kidding me? A photo is a photo. If I go around posting obscene photos or running my mouth about my views, beliefs, and personal life — I got issues.


How about the stuff you put up? Those revealing selfies, status updates, come like-my page -check out my work status’ like you’re a celebrity.


You know what they say, what you do online is mirror. How you want to be seen, how you see yourself, or a reflection of how you see the world. If you want to go around pointing your finger at people, make sure your fingers are clean.


Mine aren’t clean — at least I admit it. Maybe next time you know, not to mess with me. Peace.