Things people don’t understand about Dancers

How much time, energy, and money is spent.

You don’t just put on music and dance like you do at parties.



People dance for years — some more then others. I’m one of those people that haven’t been fortunate to dance since I was five years old. I started dancing when I was nineteen. Of course, I didn’t have studio training so I wasn’t that good.

For me, I dance hours a week. It’s hardly ever put on music and go. There’s a lot of stretching exercises and techniques that need to be worked on before to prevent injury and make it look good.



I can’t be tired but usually I am. I have to make my body energize. It’s hard especially when you are sad, depressed, stressed out, sick, and feel like breaking down.



It’s not free. If it were, more people would be doing it. You have to buy the right gear. If you join a dance club, you have to buy all the costumes yourself. Nobody hands it to you. And you’re like me you don’t have a mother or father to buy it for you. You’re on your own so literally if you fuck up… quit dancing, get injuries, or look terrible — it’s your fault.

It’s your mind, body, spirit, money, and life.


And also…

I don’t do this for attention and I’m not a slut. I don’t feel comfortable acting and looking like a slut. I recognize it as an act, not a slutty performance. If I wanted that, I would be a pornographic artist.

How I spent my break

We know, everyone asks you this when you come back. The question is full truth or partial truth?

If it were a friend, I would tell it in detail. If it were my followers, I’d tell them as much I can think of or want to share on the internet. If it were my boss, professor, co-workers, or classmates, I wouldn’t tell them everything. Like they really need to know how I got drunk, played video games, and looked stupid stuff up on the internet. Think not.

The jist of it… that’ s not ya da relationship time and going to the bar at the bowling alley.


Blogging. Well, duh. There’s posts up here.

Painting. It is the only time I can. Other times, I devote my entire energy on school, interests, relationships, and thinking about what I am supposed to do with my life.

Choreographing. I have some drafts. Nothing completely set. I spent more time free-styling then planning that stuff out. I feel that’s a way to find more moves.

Writing. I am a writer, that is what I do. I also been submitting work, (and getting rejected) as well. I wrote some ‘poems’ I like to call songs because… I don’t know that’s how I wrote it.

Gym. I workout. Everyday. Need for it. Who I am, and way to prevent me from losing my marbles.

Applying. To jobs. Because needs.

Games. Playing call of duty with the boyfriend. Because we got really bored. And then, words with friends and a Simpsons game on my IPad. So, exciting I know.

YouTube. Because we all love watching strangers stuff. It is funny and interesting.

Trolling. Because Google has all the answers to my questions and concerns.

Avoiding social media. Because I rather screw around elsewhere.

Avoiding drama. Not caving into someone else’s wants or desires. Like oh, please. We’re adults. Stop trying to manipulate me and tell me what to do. I don’t work for you. I don’t even know you.

What you learn from your Birthday

1. Who your ‘friends’ are.

You been friends with this person for a couple years now. They don’t wish you, Happy Birthday. Instead, they text you details about their life.


2. You’re still really immature.

Same person you were a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago, twenty years ago… you never change, just get older. It fucking sucks!


3. Another year has passed.

Still not close to your goal/dreams. It’s a ‘slow’ process you must keep going through. It fucking sucks!


4. You have ‘friends’ you’re not aware of.

Those people from high school/college you hardly, if ever talked to wishes you, Happy Birthday on Facebook.


5. Who really cares vs. Who is phony.

Some people you have dinner/celebrate with… other people send you a text, call you, or send you cheap gifts — so they don’t feel guilty about missing your birthday or play the ‘I did something so you have too’ card.

‘Masked’ culture. It’s a shame if we admit in public…

-Mental/physical abuse


…We wonder why so many people are quiet — or shocked when this person says/does this eccentric thing.
Not very many of us will talk to strangers — or get to know a little about them. Why? Because, that’s what our world has taught us to do. There’s billions of people in this world, that had/have more terrible lives than us. If we do speak — we take the risk of being ignored, attacked, annoyed, and harshly judged.

We don’t need that. Been there, done that. We don’t need to deal with that. We don’t want to be reminded of events. We are trying to let go. We don’t want shame. We just want to be happy…


So we’re masked.

Blend in. Keep your mouth shut.

Look like… act like… the people around you.

Only if you surround yourself with people with common interests… and isolate yourself

— you can be you.