Why I’m letting this expire

It’s time to move on.
I don’t see the point in writing randomly like I have been. Besides a small audience and some likes, I don’t gain that much of it. None of you know who I am (though you’ve read about it), I get zero profit for it and little recognition. I went in knowing all this and not expecting anything in return. Now I have to think more about how I manage my free time, spend my money, and what other goals I have in life that don’t involve survival or money. I would like to sell some of my work and write the novel I told my mother I was going to write when she was nearly dying of cancer last year (she’s no longer in remission so it’s possible the nightmare will start over). It forces me to think about everything in my life. I go on the defense and survival mode (if you don’t know what that means don’t read this nor talk to me — I think you’re an idiot and don’t care if you think I’m a bitch).


What will become of this?

I could pay for it to be renewed but I’m not going too. I could give it a new name but I don’t want too. I could create a new one with a specific/tighter focus but I don’t have the time for it. This is not a good time for me to manage a website. Anything you would get from me in writing would be more nonsense or things you don’t follow or relate too.


I’m sorry but not so sorry that this isn’t a funny or positive post. The truth is, I’m just done. It’s nothing you or anyone did. I can’t stay with this website or blog forever. I’ve outgrown it. Thank you all for watching the madness.


Note: The first category on this website was called, “C’est la vie” 

We’re not the same

I’m blonde, she’s brunette
I’m tan, she’s white as a vampire
I like to go outside, she does not
I have green eyes, she has brown eyes
I’m 5’4, she’s 5’3
I’m 26, she’s 22
I’m a Scorpio, she’s a Pisces
I have tattoos, she does not

We have the same mother and father
I was older when they separated
We have the same job
and we’re from the same town
We have our nose pierced
mine is on the left
hers is on the right
I have a star shaped stud in
she took her circle stud out

I have a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing
she doesn’t plan to get a Bachelors in anything
We have Associate degrees
It took me longer to get it and I’ve gone to a different school
My AA was concentrated in Humanities
hers was concentrated in Social Science
I finished my entire AA online and got on Deans list numerous times
she did not

She had the same boyfriend since high school
I did not
I didn’t really have a boyfriend in high school
or friends for that matter

I’ve been with more people and had a far more questionable
love life
she’s been stable and committed in her relationship
they just got a house together

I’ve travelled to more places than she has
she choose not too
I’ve had more drunk experiences
she hasn’t really drank that much
I don’t drink much anymore
she still doesn’t either

She is vegan
I am not
I don’t most meat, however;
because I do not and have not really ever liked it

I am spiritual
I believe in Astrology, Paranormal, and Past lives
she does not
she has less faith
and interest in those things

I like History, especially Ancient and Philosophy
she doesn’t
I couldn’t tell you what she likes
the last thing I remembered is her making videos
with anime characters on Sony Vegas
or knitting something with my mother

I couldn’t tell you what songs she likes
all I know it is nothing I really listen too
and she most likely thinks and feels the same thing
about me

I joke about everything
she tends to be more serious
she doesn’t appreciate my jokes
and I continue to make them anyway
she is my sister and should understand
more so than the people who think
we are the same

How I spent my break

We know, everyone asks you this when you come back. The question is full truth or partial truth?

If it were a friend, I would tell it in detail. If it were my followers, I’d tell them as much I can think of or want to share on the internet. If it were my boss, professor, co-workers, or classmates, I wouldn’t tell them everything. Like they really need to know how I got drunk, played video games, and looked stupid stuff up on the internet. Think not.

The jist of it… that’ s not ya da relationship time and going to the bar at the bowling alley.


Blogging. Well, duh. There’s posts up here.

Painting. It is the only time I can. Other times, I devote my entire energy on school, interests, relationships, and thinking about what I am supposed to do with my life.

Choreographing. I have some drafts. Nothing completely set. I spent more time free-styling then planning that stuff out. I feel that’s a way to find more moves.

Writing. I am a writer, that is what I do. I also been submitting work, (and getting rejected) as well. I wrote some ‘poems’ I like to call songs because… I don’t know that’s how I wrote it.

Gym. I workout. Everyday. Need for it. Who I am, and way to prevent me from losing my marbles.

Applying. To jobs. Because needs.

Games. Playing call of duty with the boyfriend. Because we got really bored. And then, words with friends and a Simpsons game on my IPad. So, exciting I know.

YouTube. Because we all love watching strangers stuff. It is funny and interesting.

Trolling. Because Google has all the answers to my questions and concerns.

Avoiding social media. Because I rather screw around elsewhere.

Avoiding drama. Not caving into someone else’s wants or desires. Like oh, please. We’re adults. Stop trying to manipulate me and tell me what to do. I don’t work for you. I don’t even know you.