“King Arthur”

they called you
you were extremely tall
Irish and slammed down
beer faster than the rest
of your frat friends

I called you
“Teddy Bear”
I was intoxicated
it was my first night
partying at the age of 21
you were a bit older
and left this scene behind
before I even started it
but you took me out

Did I kiss you?
Did I sleep with you?
I don’t remember.
The fall passed.
Christmas came.

You took me as a date
to an old frat friend’s party
I wore a tight black dress
I thought I heard someone
call me a slutty hillbilly
I looked behind me
and saw this chubby bitch
starring a hoke through me

I grabbed him
and danced with him
we got drunk
left the place to hook up
she watched us

Valentine’s Day came.
I stayed with him in a hotel.
I had my period so we did it
in the shower.

I haven’t seen him since
He broke up with me on
St. Patrick’s day
after his friend messaged me
asking what happened to him
he apparently got intoxicated
and admitted to a hospital
we were long distance
I didn’t have a clue

I cried at work
and got fired
he ended up marrying
the ‘chubby bitch’ and had kids
I moved on, one thing after another
I eventually got married
hated it and had a kid

He’d probably say
that’s not what I wanted in life
but I’m sorry, I’m not a
hillbilly whore
I lived my life
I go “Back to December”