“King Arthur”

they called you
you were extremely tall
Irish and slammed down
beer faster than the rest
of your frat friends

I called you
“Teddy Bear”
I was intoxicated
it was my first night
partying at the age of 21
you were a bit older
and left this scene behind
before I even started it
but you took me out

Did I kiss you?
Did I sleep with you?
I don’t remember.
The fall passed.
Christmas came.

You took me as a date
to an old frat friend’s party
I wore a tight black dress
I thought I heard someone
call me a slutty hillbilly
I looked behind me
and saw this chubby bitch
starring a hoke through me

I grabbed him
and danced with him
we got drunk
left the place to hook up
she watched us

Valentine’s Day came.
I stayed with him in a hotel.
I had my period so we did it
in the shower.

I haven’t seen him since
He broke up with me on
St. Patrick’s day
after his friend messaged me
asking what happened to him
he apparently got intoxicated
and admitted to a hospital
we were long distance
I didn’t have a clue

I cried at work
and got fired
he ended up marrying
the ‘chubby bitch’ and had kids
I moved on, one thing after another
I eventually got married
hated it and had a kid

He’d probably say
that’s not what I wanted in life
but I’m sorry, I’m not a
hillbilly whore
I lived my life
I go “Back to December”

Thoughts about October

It’s not as hot out
the leaves are changing colors
It’s beautiful
even when it rains
love all the Halloween stuff
it is my Christmas
I hate it when stores skip
the entire fall season
and head into Christmas shit
I won’t step foot in those stores
it reminds me of the
‘Nightmare before Christmas’

It like costumes
cool shit
paranormal movies
insane makeup
I have since I was a kid
in addition too
pumpkin carving
corn mazes
hay rides
apple cinder
Halloween Oreos
jumping in leaves
trick or treating

It was also the month
I meant my future husband
and the month I got married in
our first few dates were in the park
watching the leaves change

Perhaps someday, if I have a kid
I will do all those things
my mother did with me
and teach him/her
our ancestors invented Halloween