Thoughts about October

It’s not as hot out
the leaves are changing colors
It’s beautiful
even when it rains
love all the Halloween stuff
it is my Christmas
I hate it when stores skip
the entire fall season
and head into Christmas shit
I won’t step foot in those stores
it reminds me of the
‘Nightmare before Christmas’

It like costumes
cool shit
paranormal movies
insane makeup
I have since I was a kid
in addition too
pumpkin carving
corn mazes
hay rides
apple cinder
Halloween Oreos
jumping in leaves
trick or treating

It was also the month
I meant my future husband
and the month I got married in
our first few dates were in the park
watching the leaves change

Perhaps someday, if I have a kid
I will do all those things
my mother did with me
and teach him/her
our ancestors invented Halloween

Thoughts on Fall

20 years ago…
All I can remember is being Wonder-Woman.

17 years ago…
A princess trick or treating.

16-10 years ago…
The same thing. Pretty trees, bipoloar weather, apples and pumpkins — and a bunch of vampire, witch, and fairy costumes. I loved my Goosebumps and Halloween movies/shows. It was not October if I didn’t watch Hocus Pocus or Halloween Town.

5 years ago…
Not a thing. It was boring.

3 years ago…
-I ended a bad relationship with my ex after I spilled his beer during a bonfire.
-I met my boyfriend. Our first date was walking in the park. It was cold and rainy. The trees were still beautiful. We made-out under a bridge — and in his van. Later he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said I had to think about it…

Warm/cold sunny or rainy weather. The trees changing colors. The smell in the air. The awesome movies, decorations, and food — and a time to fall in love, over and over again.