Alliterative motive

“Hey beautiful, how is it going?”
I want to sleep with you.
“What are you doing tonight?”
I want to sleep with you.
“I’m thinking of you.”
I want to sleep with you.
“I like you.”
I would like to sleep with you.
“Do you ever wanna meet?”
I desperately want to meet you because I haven’t gotten laid in awhile.

That Girl

Looks nothing like me.

She’s a more attractive and less annoying version of me.

Probably because she’s an image. 


We never met, probably because she would tell me to go fuck myself.

Scratch that, she wouldn’t say that because she knows I just might.

Then, look at me like I am fucking stupid.


Sounds nothing like me.

How I speak in public and how I speak and real life aren’t the same.

Public I’m more awkward and quiet.

In reality, my voice is more annoying.


Short conversations and inappropriate conversations only.

Guess that is how the person behind the image rolls.


Who knows.

I don’t know.

That girl.

Behind the photo.





Those who

Spread bullshit

Rumors and lies.


Those who

Talk about a person or group behind their back.

No balls to talk to them face to face in person.


Those who

Can’t speak, think, or act for themselves.

Need the approval of others.


Those who

Purposely indirectly/directly offend us.

Try to play mind games.


Those who

Make assumptions.

Don’t care to listen to the person they are judging.


Those who

Are more in love with themselves.

Self-promotion comes first.


Those who

Make you feel you do not matter.

You are too different to be ‘one of them’.


Those who

Don’t care to look at their reflection.

And wonder why someone blowed them off.


Those who

Have no problem watching and stalking you online.

Secretly dislike you because what you did, do, didn’t, or don’t do.


Those who

Make comments about how you should change.

Ignore you because you won’t, then gossip behind your back.


Those who

Hate you because you don’t worship the ground they walk on.

Hate you because you think, act, and speak for yourself.


Those who

Think you’re just another idiot running your mouth.

Don’t realize they are the reason you are.


Those who

Take what you say or do out of context.

Never stopped to ask you what is going on.


Those who

Think it is acceptable to lie, cheat, and steal.

Think it is acceptable to break the law.


Those who

Think it is acceptable to cause someone pain.

Think it is acceptable to ignore everything.


Those who

Won’t admit when they are wrong.

Continue to pretend they are perfect.

No, because that’s what they want.

Bend down on your knees

Tell them what they want to hear

Then you’re worth their time and worthy of their opporuntiy

Tell them lies

You’re great at this, you did this awesome thing better than anyone else


No you didn’t

You didn’t do a fucking thing beside follow exactly what everyone else was doing

Like a puppet.

Then you’re skecthy

You don’t have all these awesome references

Because you didn’t waste your time kissing other peoples asses

Who didn’t give a flying fuck about you.

The only thing you cared was to get money

To support yourself and move out on your own

It’s not like you’re competing against anyone

Or trying to be better

You’re just human

They don’t understand

They think you’re playing a game like they are

They may not understand but I understand

Who are they

Puppets controlled by puppets.

Why do we need to prove ourselves to liars?

When we are for real?

Can they prove to use they aren’t.

Do they have the credentials besides their fucking job, degree, and Facebook to prove it?

Probably not.

Plastic is plastic.

They forget millions of people can see through them.

They continue to think you’re wonderful.

Got news for them,

You’re fucked.

We’ve seen it all.