Twin flame

His sun was my moon
my moon was opposite of his
his blue eyes stared
in the pits of my green
he could do push-ups on me
I could knee him in the nuts

He snorted coked
I was high a couple times
He drank at work
I kept my mouth shut
he was also my supervisor

He called me ‘hippie girl’
said he loved me and wanted
to run away with me
I never said those words
I thought he wasn’t serious
then he got arrested
quit and ran from the cops
without me

My life went on
without him
I had a baby in July 2019
a year after we were
high and drunk at a party
and he said he was
falling in love with me

No, it’s not his
No, I didn’t name
my daughter after him
but time to time I think
how could someone be
insane like him?

Cure an Addiction 101


Eat more until your stomach hurts.



Drink as much as it takes to forget your name.



Goggle, “Chubby Dick.”



Drink more, you obviously didn’t drink enough.



Just don’t get herpes or pregnant… you will die.



Get new earphones so you won’t go deaf.


Working out

Only a problem when your legs hurt during sex.


Social media

Be a narcissist. If you’re into yourself, you have no problem.


Other food

Eat more until you want to throw up.



Just. Don’t. Twerk.


…And this is why my career as a Psychologist never started.