Here we go again

Who are you? Honey, you don’t want to know me. All you need to know is I’m married woman with a backwards path. 

What did you do? What didn’t I do?

Have you changed? I believe people’s circumstances and seasons in life change but they stay the same, so no I’m still me. 

What does that mean? I’m a free spirit around circles and squares. 

Okay, what are you doing here? What does it look like? I don’t care. 

You’re a writer and kickboxer, huh? Don’t worry, you’ll never find my titles because you don’t know my maiden name. Yeah and you should probably stand clear, I’m physically and mentally crazy. 

What you, blah blah I’m going to pace shit together because I don’t know what to say to you. You obviously want to sleep with me? Are you jacked or have nice arms? That’s my weakness. Hmmmm. No, these days I try to remove myself from those situations because I know how I am. So yes, you’re right I would but I’m not.

Honestly answering an Ex’s questions

Why didn’t you respond to my text?
You texted me? I blocked your cell phone number.


Did you miss me?
I miss the sex, I don’t miss you so much.


Do you love me?
I loved you but I don’t anymore. Okay, maybe I do love you. Not in the sense I want to marry you, in the sense I don’t want to hurt you.


Would you consider getting back with me?
No, yes, no, yes, no. It depends, are you still flirting with/screwing everyone you see?


Why did you break up with me?
I was still in love with my ex boyfriend.


You loved your ex more than you loved me?
Yes. I mean, we’ve been together for four years.


So you choose him over me?


Will you go out with me?
Maybe if I was single.


Why did you make it difficult to see me when you were single?
I knew you only wanted to see me to have sex and I had a million other things going on my in my life. The last thing I wanted to be was some guy’s booty call.