Threesome: Is it cheating?

You’re all adults. You’re old enough to decide who you sleep with, how many people you sleep with, and what you do in the bedroom. Unless you were raped, you can’t say you did something you didn’t want to do.

(Of course drugs or alcohol could influence your decision but it was your choice to put that into your body.)

You want to accuse your partner of cheating or being unfaithful because they had sex with someone else in front of you. But then, you had sex with the same person they did. You think it was ‘same sex’ so it doesn’t count. It still counts, your were all over each other.

If your primary partner has sex with the third person when you leave, it’s cheating. You did not discuss or agree to that. They did it behind your back. Neither one of them are faithful and cannot be trusted. Forget them.

Guys, this is why we cheat.

Something is not right.

Get the vibe you are cheating.


You’re playing games.

Purposely withholding attention as a form of punishment for something that bothered them.


The sex sucks.

There is little to none. You seem uninterested, and couldn’t care a less about it.


The communicate sucks.

Don’t know what you think or feel. I can’t tell you my thoughts or feelings, you seem uninterested or quick to judge or pass it off as pointless.


Lack of attention.

Doesn’t acknowledge or appreciate the work I do. I could be the president of the United States, you would still sit around and say, “Okay.”



We can’t really go anywhere or do anything because limited money. I want adventure and fun, and I can’t get it.


Too much conflict.

Arguments, and a million other things going on.



It feels like I am the only one putting forth the effort to sort out our problems. I am changing my method, ways, thoughts, and feelings about things —  I haven’t seen you do anything.


Testing the waters.

Think I found someone better, and we may actually have something in common. I don’t want to dump you because it may not work out with the other guy.


Affairs, affairs

“I swear I will never cheat again.”

The second we breakup I call my ex. Even if I told you about it it’s still considered cheating in your head because we ‘didn’t really breakup’ because we got back together.


“We are just friends, I gave him my number to talk that is all.”

I don’t text or call him. You know he’s the backup plan if we get in a huge argument or breakup. And this guy knows, he doesn’t care. He continues to text me and I continue to ignore because I’m in a relationship I don’t want to lead him on. I mean I already told him his place with me, he doesn’t get it. So I’m supposed to delete texts, not add a pass code on my phone — can’t block numbers.


“This is all talk, I don’t mean it.”

Of course I do. I wouldn’t go out there and act or hit on some guy though. Relationships are clearly not my speciality. I can say all this stuff about them but I don’t know how it’s really supposed to be. A girl can dream. Unless I feel secure I really can’t mean what I say. It’s like reaching for a million dollars I will never have.