Anger issues

Slow people
Hurry up or get the fuck out of my way

Slow drivers
MOVE or I’ll make you move I’ve already planned out every scenario in my head

WTF did you call me!?
It’s one thing to say my name wrong, another to give me a nickname without asking me if anyone calls me it! You have a death wish? I’ll plan your funeral Kenny. Not your name? HAHA piss off.

“Hi, how are you?”
“The weather…”
“How was your day?”
BLAH BLAH BLAH. Enough with the fucking small talk. I don’t like you. I don’t want to speak to you. Fact, I don’t like anyone in this dump. It kills and drains my soul having to be fake nice to you mindless kissasses.

‘Why do you leave early?’
Because I don’t want to fucking be here. It’s also bullshit I’m constantly early and none of you idiots can be on time.

‘My friend I think you need to let me fuck you, you’re obviously not happy’
HAHAHAHA. I already fucked you numerous times in the past. It’s not life changing. I don’t have issues there. And I wondered why you’re still single — not.

Sometimes I wish I was single
I’m basically alone it’s too much work listening to a big whineass everyday

And no that’s not why I’m like the way I am so piss off

Annoying & Non-annoying people



Ask a million questions — that start with, “How.”

How is your mother doing? How is the weather? How is your job? How is your boyfriend/girlfriend doing? How is that diet going? How is that project you were working on going? How is your neighbor? Your cousin?


Stare at you — like they have never seen another human being before.

Maybe you’re on the street, at the grocery store, or gym. There always seems to be this one person standing around — watching you like a parasite with their big bug eyes.


Are just annoying. Period.

Maybe it’s their voice, tone, or choice of words — or they’re just annoying for no apparent reason at all.




Just know not to be annoying. It agitates them to be annoyed — so it’s best to avoid it? Then again, they are annoying because they complain about people being annoying. It’s a never ending cycle.