‘Tell me about yourself’

First off, my name is pronounced how it’s spelled. It’s not difficult. If you fuck it up numerous times, I have a few choice words for you. And I wonder, did you make it through high school? Nevermind, they’ll let the dumbest idiots graduate not like it makes a difference.

I have no experience in this field at all. I applied to dozens of jobs and I probably won’t remember I applied here. I’m looking for something that pays more. Why? It’s always about money. Although, you know that’s not why I left my last job. That’s complicated. Let’s just say I had enough. And no normal workplace is like that. My current job is not. But obviously, I’m bored and don’t like what I’m doing that’s why I’m looking.

I know you really don’t care who I am or what I do on my free time. You’re just trying to creep and look for clues why I would or wouldn’t be good for the job. Yes, I have boxing gloves in my car, a one year old, and husband. What does that have to do with my abilities? Nothing. It appears I already know English better than your employees. Sooooo…

New names for myself

I like naming my male characters Bobbie but usually with a Y. It’d really throw people off when they figure out I have a vagina but there’s girls with the name too!


I like daisies. I was going to name my future golden retriever Daisy but it fits me as well.


George Bennett
I’m my musician/teacher great grandfather reincarnated as a woman.


Lillie Summer
Okay, that’s not new. It was my nude model name.


My favorite season.


My father wanted to name me after the day I was born.


Lets name me after the month I was as well.


I was born in autumn.


My mother originally want to name me.


It sounds better.