Doesn’t make you anymore a MAN or WOMAN.


-Quick to dislike a girl because she is attractive and skinny. She must be a ditz, have an eating disorder, a perfectionist, and slut. — Question is: What is wrong? Oedipus Complex?

-Quick to dislike someone because of their appearance, race, or sexual orientation — goes against your ‘views’ and what you classify as ‘normal’.

-Lying because you can.

-Taking the initiative to talk to a girl who clearly doesn’t want to talk to you, and trying to make her look bad because she ‘ignored’ you — really, you’re an internet stalker that’s why she wants nothing to do with you.

-Exposing team members who didn’t do their work — when you were the one ignoring their emails and phone calls.

-Drinking because your partner ‘is a bitch’ — wait, when is the last time you two talked? Three weeks?

-Hitting on some girl you don’t know — that girl is disgusted, like who are you?

Anything that you do that women do you deny.



-Posting a status on Facebook Twitter to attack another girl or group you don’t even know. You are hoping they will read in-between the lines and hear your message — but no, we know you’re another insane person on social media seeking attention.

-Talking badly about someone behind their back and spread rumors. Hoping they get paid back for that awful thing they supposedly did to you or someone else — really, it’s all in your head.

-Toying with a guy to get your ex or boyfriend to feel pain for something they did or said to you — really, it’s all in your head.

-Taking selfies.

-Wearing makeup.

-Calling someone out for something — so and so is crazy… so and so did this… and so and so said this. Better question is: What did you do?

-Disliking someone because they are pretty, skinny, fat, ugly, sexual orientation, race — what way? What is your problem as well?

Anything you do that men do and deny.

No, because that’s what they want.

Bend down on your knees

Tell them what they want to hear

Then you’re worth their time and worthy of their opporuntiy

Tell them lies

You’re great at this, you did this awesome thing better than anyone else


No you didn’t

You didn’t do a fucking thing beside follow exactly what everyone else was doing

Like a puppet.

Then you’re skecthy

You don’t have all these awesome references

Because you didn’t waste your time kissing other peoples asses

Who didn’t give a flying fuck about you.

The only thing you cared was to get money

To support yourself and move out on your own

It’s not like you’re competing against anyone

Or trying to be better

You’re just human

They don’t understand

They think you’re playing a game like they are

They may not understand but I understand

Who are they

Puppets controlled by puppets.

Why do we need to prove ourselves to liars?

When we are for real?

Can they prove to use they aren’t.

Do they have the credentials besides their fucking job, degree, and Facebook to prove it?

Probably not.

Plastic is plastic.

They forget millions of people can see through them.

They continue to think you’re wonderful.

Got news for them,

You’re fucked.

We’ve seen it all.

Ten days before Christmas and…

Three teenagers

involved in manslaughter

Hostage reports

Sexual abuse

People whining

about what they don’t have

mocking people behind their backs

taking a bunch of selfies

ignoring everything and everyone

else that is pure

Why can’t people…

just get over themselves

and stop hating and doing evil

I’m dreaming

but it’s ten days before Christmas

where are the good souls?

‘Masked’ culture. It’s a shame if we admit in public…

-Mental/physical abuse


…We wonder why so many people are quiet — or shocked when this person says/does this eccentric thing.
Not very many of us will talk to strangers — or get to know a little about them. Why? Because, that’s what our world has taught us to do. There’s billions of people in this world, that had/have more terrible lives than us. If we do speak — we take the risk of being ignored, attacked, annoyed, and harshly judged.

We don’t need that. Been there, done that. We don’t need to deal with that. We don’t want to be reminded of events. We are trying to let go. We don’t want shame. We just want to be happy…


So we’re masked.

Blend in. Keep your mouth shut.

Look like… act like… the people around you.

Only if you surround yourself with people with common interests… and isolate yourself

— you can be you.

Disguises. Disguises. The latest trend.

I said this before, and I will say it again — we all wear disguises.

Now, I’m going to talk about disguising your appearance…. from my own experiences. Yours different.


Sweatshirt when it’s hot out.
Feeling extremely fat.


Really got no sleep last night.


Don’t want to deal with the public.


Ripped skinny jeans.
Look less fat in than regular jeans.


Not trying to be sexy. Don’t want to be.


Not feeling shy or insecure about body.


Feeling love — or getting laid later.


Really just want to blend in.


Disturbed by own appearance.


Want to stomp on someone.

Why you should stay in school?

1. You look less like a dumbass.
You just met this really awesome hot guy/girl. The first question they ask is, “What do you do?” You’re stumped. You have no idea how to say, I dropped out of high school and am currently unemployed without sounding like a loser. You think its best to ignore the question and talk about your cool interests — kayaking, racing, and bonfires.


2. You learn how to write.
Cover letters, resumes, stories, essays, and critiques on things you want to burn in pieces. But, imagine if you sent a cover letter to a potential employer in text message language? It would probably look something like this: hey i think u should hire me cuz im a really hard worker and i always go to places and do things on time. i hope u take the time to look over my resume i really really wanna work for u i promise ill do well thank u i hope to c u soon.


3. You learn how to analyze junk.
Something is really, really wrong here — I didn’t like this chicks Facebook status’ before now I really can’t stand it. I want to pull my hair out. She is suggesting that her boyfriend is an asshole and doesn’t feed his child? Why the hell would she post that on Facebook? Does she know people are watching her? Is there something wrong with her? Is that normal?


4. Maybe get a job, that’s not fast food.
Maybe, if you do things that’s not just “homework” outside of school. It’s great you take your studies seriously, but how are you going to make connections (that can get you friends/good acquaintances) if all you do is stare at a screen? When an employer looks at your resume, they are going to see — oh you were really involved, you had an average GPA but you did fine with everything else.


If you know a lot of smart people or become the teachers pet in college — you could get away with sliding by in college, doing less work, and spending most of your time on social media. After school… you may get a good job or be left completely in the dust. Remember, this is all a system. They don’t actually care about you, they don’t know you personally — they’re just doing their job.


Welcome to the “real” world.

What were you like…

In high school?


A skater — or at least I thought I was. (I would paint, write in my journal, play acoustic guitar — badly, run on a treadmill — a lot, read books, do homework, talk to my online boyfriend, starve myself, and cry to sleep. I was in the journalism and french club — got mocked for.)

Everyday — I wore jeans and some stupid black shirt or tank top. Lots of eyeliner, black eyeshadow, and rings on my fingers.

I slept and doodled in Math class. To the point, my teacher got sick of it — and kicked me out of class. I got to hangout in the library in the corner. I had no friends.

I failed Math numerous times. I did well in all my other classes and took them seriously. I wouldn’t have admitted it, I probably would have gotten mocked or something. Who knows my mind back then. I was very hormonal.

First few years of college.

You really don’t want to know. Trust me. First year, academic prohibition. Second year, flunked out. I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t even do my work. I was like oh, fuck this shit, I’m going to drive my car and have sex with ____. My lovely boyfriend I dated for one month. After that well, like I said… you don’t want to know. It’s a long, long, long… story. I tried to smug it in a short essay once, it didn’t work.

So. I’m here. Again.

Annoying & Non-annoying people



Ask a million questions — that start with, “How.”

How is your mother doing? How is the weather? How is your job? How is your boyfriend/girlfriend doing? How is that diet going? How is that project you were working on going? How is your neighbor? Your cousin?


Stare at you — like they have never seen another human being before.

Maybe you’re on the street, at the grocery store, or gym. There always seems to be this one person standing around — watching you like a parasite with their big bug eyes.


Are just annoying. Period.

Maybe it’s their voice, tone, or choice of words — or they’re just annoying for no apparent reason at all.




Just know not to be annoying. It agitates them to be annoyed — so it’s best to avoid it? Then again, they are annoying because they complain about people being annoying. It’s a never ending cycle.

“That time of month,” you shouldn’t say to girls…

“You look like you gained some weight. You sure you’re not pregnant?”
I gained five pounds in water weight. Dumbass.


“You shouldn’t eat ice cream for dinner.”
You want to see me without my chocolate ice cream? Alright. That’s permission to be a bitch.


“Your boobs are bigger. Did you gain weight?”
No shit. No, I just decided to stuff my bra today. Dumbass.


“Is your period almost over?”
Why am I that much of a bitch? Or you want to get laid?


“I knew your period was coming, that’s why I wanted to have more sex.”
You’re full of shit.


“How are you feeling?”
I’m going to punch you in the face if you ask me that again.


“You should stop drinking soda, you’re breaking out.”
Soda has nothing to do with it. It’s hormonal.


“We need to talk.”
Where is the pitch fork?