I survived covid

so, I must be an alien. Sure, that’ll be what they’ll be saying by 2025. An alien visited me years ago. It was about 4 feet tall had gray skin, and creepy black eyes. I was sleeping the damn creature was watching me right next to my bed. I threw my pillow at the creature and yelled, “Leave.” It disappeared. Had it done anything to me in my sleep? I don’t know. The crazy’s out there believe they may have microchipped me or did some operation on me. That’s why I survived, they alerted something in my DNA. A theory like that isn’t far behind. We went to believe magic and crazy shit happens. But, it’s not that. I’m generally healthy and have okay DNA despite being a ‘mutt’. My mother got cancer from her work environment. My father smoked and walked a lot up to his 70s, he was struck and killed by a kid that can’t drive. I’m okay or I think I am. I’m in my early 30s. I look around and see absolutely nothing. There’s not much left of the world my daughter is supposed to evolve in. All I see is loss. Loss of jobs, economy, opportunities, connections, etc. More things are remote. Funny because I can’t find a remote job despite having all this experience and the ability to out-type anyone. Why? They can be selective. Even if you’re qualified, you’re not. So maybe I am an alien. Why don’t they send a spaceship for me? They have no interest in infected Earth.

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