Worst trainers

I’ve had but a few in my life with the many gyms I’ve gone too. The worst I’d say is slow…


He said, “What? You’re too skinny to do sits-ups!? Sorry.”

I don’t know if he was trying to be funny or insulting me. He’s lucky I didn’t tell his manager. I actually didn’t hear him say anything about doing sit-ups. It has nothing to do with my body size. Perhaps if he wasn’t busy speaking to the wall I would have heard him.


Slow as fuck.

I know I’m more in shape than my peers that’s besides the story. BUT your dance moves could put a senior citizen to sleep. I’ve never been so bored and distant at a gym until you…


Shows up late and unprepared.

“I’m sorry, I’m hungover from last night. Do what you want I have nothing.” Okay, so what is the point in me paying $44 extra a month? I’d be better off going back to Planet Fitness. Hell, I don’t need you — you’re extra.

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