Last July

He wasn’t around much
you were
I saw fireworks with him
but felt none
at a boring baseball game

you worked during
the fireworks we had at work
I stood around and waited
for you to finish
to say ‘goodbye’

You said you’d make it up
to me and you did
we got a hotel room
we hooked up after work

There was a party
I agreed to meet you there
I was stoned and drunk
you were just drunk
I let you drive my car
we did it under the stars
at a church
and you told me you loved me

I questioned it
when I was sober
you said you
wouldn’t take it back
I avoided any other
conversation about it
it wasn’t what we agreed upon
we were only having fun
both of us had someone

Did he stop trying, no
did he stop drinking, no
he blacked out at work
drinking on the job

Everyone thought
I was being too nice to him
when really I didn’t know the way out
he was one of my bosses
I could only pull away so much
and not say those words

Summer ended

Fall came
and we was behind bars for a DWI

Yet he still told me
you’re the hippie girl
I fell in love with
I meant what I said
I know in your heart
you want to be a mother
you’ll be good


No, it’s not his

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