What the hell is going on

I am 28-29 weeks pregnant. Physically I am fine. I get some discomfort in my ribs when I sit, some acid reflex, and have to take multiple bathroom breaks. Mentally I’m trying not to lose my shit. It seems like everyone and everything is testing me.

I almost can’t go anywhere in public without some older person staring at me or pointing at my stomach. Okay, I know I am 7 months pregnant and it’s obvious now. You don’t need to point it out or act all impressed that I’m still active as I am. My doctor hasn’t pulled me from any activities yet. I secretly wish she’d pull me from work so I don’t have to deal with this extra other shit anymore too. But if she does, guess what? I don’t have disability or paid family leave though it is taken out my paycheck when I get paid! My employer is pocketing the money. He wants to pay me under the table when I go out for 2 months because he knows if I went and filed my forms that could get him in serious trouble. But I know, everyone knows he can’t be trusted to follow through on his obligations and don’t like to pay people. You know, he had a serious of lawsuits against him and fights with employees about paying him. There’s no doubt in my mind he can’t be trusted. He could try to fire me or cut my hours if I try to go after him. It’d seriously not help him and would turn into a bigger suit.

That doesn’t mean, he can’t go try and fire me for something else. There’s no a security camera on back where people take their breaks. That’s also illegal. If you been here long enough, that seriously doesn’t surprise you. You know about the number of people that work or have worked here that did drugs or had sex on clock? A lot more than you even want to think about.

I live in America. I shouldn’t have to even think about all of this. This guy isn’t from here and operates about 17 businesses, probably also illegally and unfairly. He just wants more money and to keep it all. I’m over here thinking, I’m having a baby in about 12 weeks and I’m going to have nothing when I go out. This guy has been taking my money and everyone else’s.

Meanwhile, I say nothing on social media about it. Bust my ass every single day so no one says how I’m not doing my job and blah blah blah. Trying to figure out my next move. I don’t need every single person I come across in daily life on my back or up my ass for one reason or another.

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