Thoughts about weed

It’s 420.

Big deal. It has no significance in my life. If it does for you, cool. I won’t judge you for it unless you’re a bad stereotype.

I don’t have a problem with weed. I’ve done it. I don’t care for the joint, it smells like skunk and leaves me stinking. I’d vap the short period of time I used it to self diagnose my anger after my mothers death. Did it really help? No. Only some time did.

I have a problem with people that do it with zero regard to the people around them especially at work or a public place with no ventilation. Not everyone can or would like to smell that shit. If you’re going to do it go to your car or on your own time at home. It’s not even legal in New York State.

And the bad stoner stereotype that gives weed a bad name. Doesn’t work, doesn’t want to work. Crashes on someone’s couch and gets someone to pay all their shit. Wants to do nothing but get high and sleep all day. I meant someone like that and let me tell you, his dealer shouldn’t have been giving him shit. He couldn’t even pay him without pawning shit.

Not all are like that but it’s those people that stop it from making it legal in places that’s not California.

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