Things I’m realizing

You thought you were surrounded by fake people, watch more come in.

Bla bla bla. Stop. You and I never had any sort of relationship behind acquaintances that hardly talked but now you’re ‘super excited’ bla bla bla want to be best friends. Yeah okay. Last I knew you never said a single word to me and/or talked about me behind my back.


Most people you do interact with are genuinely fake and just say things.

‘I’m so excited for you. If you need anything…’ Here it goes again. We never exchanged a word or more then two words. That’s complete bullshit. I never bothered with you before, why would I seek your help now?


People you don’t have a relationship with develop in their mind you do and ultimately your baby is like their baby too.

‘How is my baby doing?’ What do you mean your baby? Who are you anyway? I know your name, it’s been mentioned but we never met. Just because you have a relationship with my husband in someway, does not mean you have one with me or that you’re going too! I’m not trying to be rude but it’s the truth. Last I knew I’m the one going through this and I’m the mother.


EVERYONE wants to give you baby shit more like clothes.

Clothes are affordable and it’s not like I can’t get them anywhere, I can. Like STOP already trying to give me shit your kids or somebody else’s kid wore. I have no issues in that department. If you wanna help send me check or the big items I have to get. Though I probably wouldn’t like it either because I wanna pick out my baby’s shit!


Creeps are still going to be creeps.

‘Hey wanna come over and send me pics?’ Yeah because my pregnant ass feels like going over there and getting raped? And I’m just dying to take nude pictures of myself, especially for you. Haha. I’m good.


Most people don’t know you’re pregnant.
If you wear a sweatshirt it’s not obvious of if they see something they just think you’re getting fat. And they’ll continue to make rudeass comments like ‘why don’t you smile?’ Well, why don’t you stop trying to ram into my stomach?

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