My life at 18 weeks

I’m not quite there yet and I’m already starting to look big. It makes me wondering if it’s going to be a big baby or I’m gonna have a fun time trying to get back where I was.

But some people that didn’t know are starting to find out because they expect me to lift heavy shit and ‘I’m like I’m pregnant I can’t’. It’s still not obvious to people I don’t talk too because I always wear a hoodie! It’s winter, do you blame me?

I thought I had my energy back in full force until I wake up with massive cramps towards my pelvis and abominable area.

I’m not having any cravings. The same smells and food disgust me.

Sometimes I get tired when I’m working out or at work. I can’t go get a shot of expresso either.

People that do know still ask me how I’m feeling or when I’m going to know what it is. Again, my appointment isn’t until March 11. My doctor is busy performing surgeries this week, I can’t get in!

When is the reveal? When is the baby shower? The reveal isn’t until we have the same day off! We work different times. The shower isn’t being planned until we know what is and move. All will be soon. Stop asking questions.

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