glass one
I gave my mother
made a pile of leaves
shaped them in a heart
put them on top
each one of her kids
put one on her coffin
the day we said bye
the glass one
returned to me

I was supposed to be
married but fell
for a man with the last name
he was nothing more
but a thorn that cut himself
he said he fell for me
he said he loved his kids
he couldn’t stop drinking
and running from the cops

My husband gave me
one that resembled
‘beauty and the beast’
for Valentine’s Day
he said that’s because
a real one would die
the same thing I’ve said
about the glass one

Said I’d make ‘Rose’
my daughters middle name
not to be named after a thorn
my mother symbolically
though he saw something
nobody else living saw
who I am in nature

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