Things I’ve a relationship with today vs 20 years ago

Not sure if this is our generation or me or both.


Phone: It tells me everything I want to know, takes pictures, let’s me watch anything, and has games I can play when I’m bored.

Tablet: My own personal screen I bring into bed and on trips. Let’s me stream shows and movies.

Netflix/Hulu: If and only if they have something interesting I want to watch. Which is hardly ever, so I find some reboots or 90s reruns.

Coffee: Well, okay — before I was pregnant I was drinking 400 MG+ of caffeine a day. Now I spend my days fantasizing about it.

Gym: I never, ever feel like going or doing anything these days! But the way I eat I’d gain 50lbs if I don’t…

Bed: The one place no one bothers you and you can sit or lay on your ass…


20 years ago I was 9…


Television WITH cable: So I can watch my favorite shows on Nickelodeon like — Hey Arnold and All That!

Nintendo 64: Mario, Zelda, and a duck shooter game were my favorites. But of course I had limited time I could play like I could watch tv.

Kickball: They called me ‘golden leg’.

My bicycle, roller blades, and skateboard: Because it was FUN. And I lived in a small town, that was my means of transportation. I didn’t have my parents drive me around.

The Backstreet Boys: In my head.

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