‘Morning sickness’ myth

Everyone wakes up in the morning with their head in the shitter vomiting.

That’s what we’ve seen on television anyway, our entire life. Then you grow up and see people that don’t get sick at all — and think it has to do with baby’s gender. If it’s a girl, it should make you more sick they say. Though there’s no real hard scientific evidence to backup the claim. They say it has to do with how you handle your hormone levels raising. But people still shut it out and believe what they want to believe.

I’m ten weeks at this point. I’m lucky, I haven’t been throwing up. Though I felt like it a lot. Then I found ways to try to make myself less nauseous — like Seabands or Unison. My doctor also recommended sucking on hard candy which was like a 5 second fix. Then I learned that part of the reason I’m nauseous is because I need to eat. That’s especially true in the morning. Head off the walls, if I don’t do it now… I’ll vomit! So I do it. I never enjoyed vomiting. Who actually does?

And no, I still don’t know the sex. I’m also sick of people asking me how I feel. Like, I’m pregnant — I’m not dying. Take the Hollywood image of it out of your head.

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