New Year

I’ve missed it
after I had extreme sweat
and felt like I was going to have
a heart attack
I’ve lost my sense of time
I fell sick and couldn’t breath
stayed up all not coughing
or waking up the few hours
I slept to pee numerous times
I didn’t call off of work
I didn’t have anyone to cover me
I didn’t see a doctor
I couldn’t do high intensity workouts
I didn’t need a doctor to tell me
but he called them and they told him
if I did it could kill me and the baby
I had to moderate my temperature
if I got another 101 degrees
I had to go to the hospital
I carried on like normal
and lost my voice
some cop pulled me over
for ‘following someone too close’
he let me go with a warning
it was obvious
I wasn’t lying
he could tell by
listening and seeing me
I’m sick and probably stupid
for going to work

I did anyway
I put in for some time to use
the rest of my vacation days
my priorities are changing
I see less the point
in fighting and going to things
that don’t matter
or won’t lead anywhere
all I can say is
enjoy what you have now
whether it be a person or thing
someday it won’t be there
eventually time does run out
but how are you going to spend it?

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