Junior high was like

new at being a teenager
at a school
I won’t remember
and had little significance in
the rest of my life

I recall only
I had bigger boobs
wore 3xs the size
I do now
people calling me
pizza face
slow runner in track
the blue lip gloss
I thought was cute
but my crush said
I looked like a smurf

I fought with my crush
to get better grades
I was on honor roll a lot
he liked a model
I also had a crush on my art teacher
he turned out to be a pervert
taking pictures
up staff members skirts

I sat with the outcasts
at lunch
they talked about
pot and choking the chicken
both I knew nothing of
they thought I was too good

I went to a school dance
there was no dancing
but my so called friends
ditched me
to get high

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