Head against the wall

I was happy
I came back from
a wild weekend
with my man

Then you had to look at me
and blow up my phone again
flirt with me
ask me for nude pictures
I didn’t send
talk and turn cold on me

I don’t know why
you couldn’t just leave me alone
like I told you too months ago
I was doing fine and good
without you speaking to me
now I’m overthinking
what the goddamn hell
spit it out
act upon it
or I’m gone again

I don’t do the patience thing
I thought it was clear
the first time I ran off
but at least I had the balls
to tell you what it was
though you didn’t like it

Then some others probably
suggest I calm and express
my feelings in a
non-aggressive manner
I’m not a talk about
my feelings type of person
maybe if he was an actual
man I’d show him
but I can’t if it’s not there
I liked him but he’s an idiot
he’s not any different
or special from the others

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