29 lessons

Because I’m bored at work and am going to be 29 in a month and half, I did this…


1. Not all teachers are bad, only those that compare you to your siblings.
2. Don’t give back something someone gave you.
3. Don’t tell your loud classmate a ‘secret’.
4. Too much blue lip gloss is not cute.
5. Don’t starve yourself for a boy.
6. Being quiet at times is part of your personality.
7. Being detached is part of your nature and you express emotions differently.
8. Don’t start believing in God because people think you should.
9. Not everyone will know what you know, see or believe what you do.
10. Sex is sex — physical and meaningless.
11. Don’t have sex with someone with obsessed with you.
12. Don’t joke about a threesome with a crazy man because it will happen.
13. Plan B will fuck up your cycle.
14. Try not to have sex with co-workers or supervisors.
15. Marriage is a contract, it shouldn’t be that way but it is.
16. Nothing is permanent.
17. Dancing is fun when it’s not structured.
18. Always a runner — physically and emotionally.
19. How to hide things; give partial truths, light, or realistic lies.
20. Don’t trust the man.
21. A lot of people around you are high or on drugs.
22. Taking a ‘sleep aid’ won’t help your supposed sleep disorder or PTSD.
23. You never think before you speak.
24. Never say those three words unless you mean it.
25. Dairy is not your friend.
26. Math is not your friend.
27. Your mother never agreed with your choices but wanted you to be happy.
28. You shouldn’t feel guilt for something you didn’t do.
29. Marijuana was a temporary fix for your anger issues, you’re better without it.

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