Why she is afraid of you?

Because she likes you and is probably thinking…


“You’re going to cheat on me.”

“How many people did you sleep with?”

“What number would I be?”

“You only want me for sex.”

“You don’t care.”

“I don’t want anything serious.”

“You don’t anything serious.”

“I think I feel something, I shouldn’t feel anything.”

“You probably don’t feel anything either.”

“I think I love you, I’m not sure. What is love?”

“You don’t love me, it’s impossible for anyone to love me.”

“I don’t know what I want.”

“You’re trying to force me to know what I want.”

“If I marry you, what if you cheat on me and try to take my money?”

“What if we have no money?”

“What if you want to have kids?”

“What if I cheat on you and take everything?”

“What if someone dies?”

“Is all of this a waste of time?”

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