Bad online dating experience

I was 21 years old, he was 24-26. He asked me to meet him at a bowling alley with him and his friends because he wanted to be in a ‘group setting’. I thought it was really because he was afraid I would stand him up, he tried to meet with me before and I refused. I figured, why not meet him? I was single and he was cute.


So… I meet him inside the bowling alley and he looks like his picture, expect one thing. His profile said he was 5’6 but he was really like 5’1. I am 5’4, so that’s definitely shorter than me and what I look for in a guy.


I sit down with him and his friends, he sits close to me and I feel uncomfortable like he’s in my personal space. I look around the bowling alley and see some losers I went to high school with. We talk a bit, he asks me what I do and I ask him the same. I say something about school (I don’t remember if I was working or not at the time) and he says how he didn’t do college, doesn’t have a job, and does ‘underground tattoos’. My cell phone goes off, I look at it and don’t respond. He asks me who I’m texting and goes off to smoke with his friends.


I don’t date smokers (I don’t smoke and I’ve been around smokers my whole life, it doesn’t appeal to me.)… his profile said he wasn’t a smoker so he also lied to me about that too.


He comes back again and sits even closer to me. Again, he asks me who texted me. I say a friend though it actually isn’t a friend. It was my going to be my boyfriend (and future ex). I call it a night and tell him I have to go home or my mother will freak out. (It wasn’t true.)


I decided he was oddly possessive, a liar, and too short for my liking. Had he told me the truth about him from the beginning, I could have looked over his height.

2 thoughts on “Bad online dating experience

  1. Looked over his height, lol, I think you did literally. Great post and I am glad you got rid of him quickly. He does sound quite odd.


    1. I guessed his height, I wish I was able to measure it exactly because he was significantly shorter than me… and thank you. 🙂


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