Things people don’t understand about Dancers

How much time, energy, and money is spent.

You don’t just put on music and dance like you do at parties.



People dance for years — some more then others. I’m one of those people that haven’t been fortunate to dance since I was five years old. I started dancing when I was nineteen. Of course, I didn’t have studio training so I wasn’t that good.

For me, I dance hours a week. It’s hardly ever put on music and go. There’s a lot of stretching exercises and techniques that need to be worked on before to prevent injury and make it look good.



I can’t be tired but usually I am. I have to make my body energize. It’s hard especially when you are sad, depressed, stressed out, sick, and feel like breaking down.



It’s not free. If it were, more people would be doing it. You have to buy the right gear. If you join a dance club, you have to buy all the costumes yourself. Nobody hands it to you. And you’re like me you don’t have a mother or father to buy it for you. You’re on your own so literally if you fuck up… quit dancing, get injuries, or look terrible — it’s your fault.

It’s your mind, body, spirit, money, and life.


And also…

I don’t do this for attention and I’m not a slut. I don’t feel comfortable acting and looking like a slut. I recognize it as an act, not a slutty performance. If I wanted that, I would be a pornographic artist.

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