Things about Pisces

Disclaimer: I’m not a Pisces or Astrologer. This isn’t true for all Pisces. I have three Pisces sisters and I can tell you none of them are the same.


Their reputation as a shy or quiet type isn’t true

Some Pisces are outgoing and popular, others are not. They may be quiet at first when they meet you. Once they get to know you, they’ll talk your ear off.


They’re good listeners

You have a problem? They’re the person you want to talk too. They won’t ignore you or point out your flaws.


Don’t mistake their sensitivity, kindness, and compassion for weakness

No matter how much pain they may be experiencing, they remain positive and focus on their work/life. They don’t treat people like dirt though some people are assholes to them. They realize being an ass won’t get them very far.


They want love

Booty call? Casual sex? They may have done it in the past but it’s not ultimately what they want. They want to love and be loved. If you won’t love them, they will find someone else that will. (A lot of people love them, it wouldn’t be difficult.)


They’re creative

Many are artists, musicians, writers, makeup artists, graphic designers, fashion designers, etc. Why? Because they’ve an awesome imagination and talent.


They can be moody

The best thing you can do is… Not get on their bad side by getting in their personal space, being annoying, or full of yourself.


They know what they want

Money? Job? House? Car? Relationship? They know how/when they’re going to get it.

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