Thoughts on Buying Textbooks

Do I really need it?

Spend $100 on a textbook and only do two assignments out of it. Why bother? Especially when I could probably read it online for free somewhere.


I’m taking an online course.

I’m not ordering a book from Amazon and waiting for it to come here. If it’s not in the bookstore, then I am going to drop the course — and find one where I can rent an e-book.


Rather get the E-book.

If you have money to spend a ridicouls amount on a book you will never read again, go ahead. I don’t. If I know I can save 10-$50 on it, that’s what I am going to do.


If I can’t get a textbook…

Take the course without it. NO, I’m kidding. There’s no way you can pass a course without it, unless you’re some kind of genius or something. If I can’t find a textbook, I’ll just drop the course and find something else to fill the gap.

…I’m sure as hell not a genius or the best memorizer in the world — hell, I can’t read my own notes.

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