I am taught…

To be in a relationship with the opposite sex. Despite observing…


Man verbally abusing woman.

Woman afraid to talk to man.

Man not caring the woman is avoiding him.

Man telling another woman he loves her on the phone.

Woman not confronting the man about it.

Man continuing to lie and cheat.

Woman not caring.

Woman secretly plotting to get out.

Man is not slightly suspicious.

Man does not acknowledge what she does.

Neither one of them know what the other person thinks or feels.

Neither one of them know the person behind the mask.


So I am supposed to settle for this because this is all I have seen, heard, and known my entire life? Why? I would just continue the never endless cycle of bad communication and being miserable. I know I need to unlearn what my brain was taught. It is next to impossible for me to do that if every man I date fits the images of the men I have known or know in my life. Maybe, I shouldn’t be with a man. If I am attracted to women, it could be possible I should be with a woman. Then, I may have some label on my forehead. I don’t want a label. I’m just human. I learned at least that much from experience, I can say. Negative all the drama.

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