Gym Pet Peeves

Here is the thing… I LOVE the gym, it is my second home! But, no home is perfect there is always a few things that bugs you once a while.


Locker rooms stink.

Someone sprayed way too much cheap perfume and/or took a massive shit.


Locker rooms too crowded.

You just want to get your stuff and leave.


People piss on the toilet seat.

Other stalls taken… you have to figure out a way not to let your ass touch that piss. Disgusting!


They didn’t wipe off the machine.

You have to clean off their sweat.


The steps on the machine are wet.

Someone wore wet sneakers. In turn, your feet also get to squeak on the machine unless you find another or clean it off yourself.


People have loud conversations.

One person is on the machine, the other is standing between the machine you are on and they are on. You have to turn your music up full of blast.

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