How diets work

I’ll just eat less today.

Stuffs face with potato chips and pizza.


Maybe, if I ate more veggies…

Has a side of chocolate cake instead.


I’ll drink less alcohol.

Skips getting drunk once for a weekend.


I’ll stop eating so much junk.

Eats donuts for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch, snacks on candy the rest of the day until dinner… tacos.


Maybe, if I ate more protein.

Reeses is protein right? It has peanut butter.


I should stop drinking so much soda.

Replaces regular soda with diet.


I could stop drinking so much coffee.

LOL. I am not cutting back on my coffee.

One thought on “How diets work

  1. Love it, so funny yet true. My toughest patient is always the “know it all.” The one who has read every magazine article, watched every TV show on health and listens to every friend who lost a pound on some fad diet. (If they knew everything, why didn’t it work?) I love being a nutritional counselor! Thanks for the laugh. Blessings,


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