How I spent my break

We know, everyone asks you this when you come back. The question is full truth or partial truth?

If it were a friend, I would tell it in detail. If it were my followers, I’d tell them as much I can think of or want to share on the internet. If it were my boss, professor, co-workers, or classmates, I wouldn’t tell them everything. Like they really need to know how I got drunk, played video games, and looked stupid stuff up on the internet. Think not.

The jist of it… that’ s not ya da relationship time and going to the bar at the bowling alley.


Blogging. Well, duh. There’s posts up here.

Painting. It is the only time I can. Other times, I devote my entire energy on school, interests, relationships, and thinking about what I am supposed to do with my life.

Choreographing. I have some drafts. Nothing completely set. I spent more time free-styling then planning that stuff out. I feel that’s a way to find more moves.

Writing. I am a writer, that is what I do. I also been submitting work, (and getting rejected) as well. I wrote some ‘poems’ I like to call songs because… I don’t know that’s how I wrote it.

Gym. I workout. Everyday. Need for it. Who I am, and way to prevent me from losing my marbles.

Applying. To jobs. Because needs.

Games. Playing call of duty with the boyfriend. Because we got really bored. And then, words with friends and a Simpsons game on my IPad. So, exciting I know.

YouTube. Because we all love watching strangers stuff. It is funny and interesting.

Trolling. Because Google has all the answers to my questions and concerns.

Avoiding social media. Because I rather screw around elsewhere.

Avoiding drama. Not caving into someone else’s wants or desires. Like oh, please. We’re adults. Stop trying to manipulate me and tell me what to do. I don’t work for you. I don’t even know you.

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