Love is a disorder?


Can’t tell if it is real or fake.



Debating in my head if I really feel anything.


Angels fighting Devils

It was wrong for me to say that and act that way. I should apologize or change my attitude. Fuck that shit, they come to me. If not well, oh well.


A third person comes in

Why be with you? They so want to bang me. It is true, they even gave me their number and told me to text anytime.


I am nothing, I deserve nothing — am worthless

All I got is you. No name, no career, and nothing else to look forward too. It’s an endless dry cycle — but it’s better when I see you.


I should change

Am too weird. I can’t really change that. I could, however; act like a doll and tell everyone in your life what they want to hear for us to avoid conflict.


Mind games

Don’t even know if we are playing. So busy mirroring the image the other person wants.



Just keep going, going, and going… we don’t know what we are doing or if it is coming out anywhere. What can we do? We are both ignorant — and full of shit too.

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