Doesn’t make you anymore a MAN or WOMAN.


-Quick to dislike a girl because she is attractive and skinny. She must be a ditz, have an eating disorder, a perfectionist, and slut. — Question is: What is wrong? Oedipus Complex?

-Quick to dislike someone because of their appearance, race, or sexual orientation — goes against your ‘views’ and what you classify as ‘normal’.

-Lying because you can.

-Taking the initiative to talk to a girl who clearly doesn’t want to talk to you, and trying to make her look bad because she ‘ignored’ you — really, you’re an internet stalker that’s why she wants nothing to do with you.

-Exposing team members who didn’t do their work — when you were the one ignoring their emails and phone calls.

-Drinking because your partner ‘is a bitch’ — wait, when is the last time you two talked? Three weeks?

-Hitting on some girl you don’t know — that girl is disgusted, like who are you?

Anything that you do that women do you deny.



-Posting a status on Facebook Twitter to attack another girl or group you don’t even know. You are hoping they will read in-between the lines and hear your message — but no, we know you’re another insane person on social media seeking attention.

-Talking badly about someone behind their back and spread rumors. Hoping they get paid back for that awful thing they supposedly did to you or someone else — really, it’s all in your head.

-Toying with a guy to get your ex or boyfriend to feel pain for something they did or said to you — really, it’s all in your head.

-Taking selfies.

-Wearing makeup.

-Calling someone out for something — so and so is crazy… so and so did this… and so and so said this. Better question is: What did you do?

-Disliking someone because they are pretty, skinny, fat, ugly, sexual orientation, race — what way? What is your problem as well?

Anything you do that men do and deny.

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