No, because that’s what they want.

Bend down on your knees

Tell them what they want to hear

Then you’re worth their time and worthy of their opporuntiy

Tell them lies

You’re great at this, you did this awesome thing better than anyone else


No you didn’t

You didn’t do a fucking thing beside follow exactly what everyone else was doing

Like a puppet.

Then you’re skecthy

You don’t have all these awesome references

Because you didn’t waste your time kissing other peoples asses

Who didn’t give a flying fuck about you.

The only thing you cared was to get money

To support yourself and move out on your own

It’s not like you’re competing against anyone

Or trying to be better

You’re just human

They don’t understand

They think you’re playing a game like they are

They may not understand but I understand

Who are they

Puppets controlled by puppets.

Why do we need to prove ourselves to liars?

When we are for real?

Can they prove to use they aren’t.

Do they have the credentials besides their fucking job, degree, and Facebook to prove it?

Probably not.

Plastic is plastic.

They forget millions of people can see through them.

They continue to think you’re wonderful.

Got news for them,

You’re fucked.

We’ve seen it all.

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