The Truth

You taught us from a young age to shut up.
If we say something we sound dumb or look insane.
… Get mocked and publicly shamed for it.

You taught us we do not matter.
Why defend our case, why tell you what is really going in our lives?
Even if you sound like you care, you probably don’t.
… You have your own lives, why do you care about ours? You don’t.

It’s best to be invisible.
To avoid all the nonsense and bullshit that comes with speaking.
People pretending to care, people using you, and misunderstanding.
… It’s best they think what they want, they’re ignorant anyways.

We are all useless.
There’s people better than us everywhere.
We do not matter.
Just another human being. But hey, we have freedom of speech if we dare pretend our voices matter and we are important.

Though heaven forbids us…
If we do, if we say
We think we are entitled
We are no better than all the other nut jobs in the world.

We all are
full of shit
Why pretend?
Why fucking care?

Keep to ourselves.
Do our own thing.
Mute everyone else out.
… They do the same thing to us

If you’re not on my side
I will burn you in the future
Society taught me too
If you’re fake or try to use me
I can see right through you
Can’t say I never warned you
It’s an ugly game
I won’t help you
You’re on your own
You are also worthless
…How does it feel now? To be invisible
I don’t give a flying fuck about you.

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